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Smart Cable Accessories


  • Measured values: voltage, current, phase angle, frequency
  • Calculate the amount of power P, Q
  • Calculation of errors due to harmonics and harmonic orders
  • Calculate the amount of power loss
  • SCADA communication according to IEC 104 standard


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REPL is a brand from Italy with a range of medium voltage underground cable accessories.

1.Smart cable terminal

  • Brand: REPL -Italia
  • Products: Smart products, Cable ends, Heat shrink, Cold shrink.
  • Voltage grid: Medium voltage
  • Communication: SCADA
  • Standards: I EC 60044-7, IEC 60044-8.
2. Featured:
  • Measure voltage: VR, VS, VT
  • Current measurement: IR, IS, IT
  • Phase Angle: R, S, T

Allows calculation of all relevant electrical parameters such as:

  • Measure active power P and reactive power Q
  • Working frequency (Hz)
  • Total harmonic deviation (THD), calculated for all harmonics up to the 50th order (2500 Hz).
  • Power loss

3. SCADA connection diagram.


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