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Underground cable accessories

  • Cable connectors have 3 forms: straight connection, T-shaped, L-shaped. Flexibility makes construction and installation quick and easy.
  • New cold shrink technology compared with traditional heat shrink technology saves construction time, ensures high quality and reliability.
  • In line with the trend of undergrounding the power grid in large cities in Vietnam.
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Underground Cable Accessories
Voltage from 1kv – 10KV-24KV-35KV.
Raychem – Germany.
Diversified products, with very high durability and load capacity:
– Underground cable terminal & Hot-shrink underground cable junction box
– Underground cable terminal & Cold shrink underground cable junction box
– Tee Plug 24kv Raychem underground cable….
– Cable elbow Raychem
The cable junction box is a single compact tube consisting of an inner electric field regulating layer, an insulating layer in the middle and an outer semiconductor layer, which always adheres to the cable phase to prevent moisture from entering the interior.
Therefore, the life of the cable is closely related to the life of the cable junction box.
Cable connector , the biggest advantage of this device is its flexibility and compactness.
Cable connectors have 3 forms: straight, T-shaped, L-shaped. The above flexible shapes make the construction process quick and easy.
The above products are developed based on two main technologies: coldshrink technology and silicone rubber materials technology.
The advantage of the new cold shrinking technology compared to the traditional heat shrinking technology is that it saves construction time and ensures high quality and reliability.
Meanwhile, tested silicone rubber materials have great advantages such as hydrophilic properties, recover hydrophobicity and resistant to UV rays (inherently UV-stable) to
help create products. High quality has long service life.



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