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Wind and Solar Power Forecasting

  • Support for customers with power generation and commercial plans
  • Support for power grid operation management unit, capacity line
  • Application in the implementation of the plan to build a new factory.
  • Comply with EVN’s regulations on operating equipment.
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Power forecasting system

  • Vendor: Meteodyn
  • Origin: France
  • Products: Wind Forecast, Solar Forecast.
The role of renewable energy production forecasting
  •  Accuracy in electrical energy output forecasting is particular importance for optimal power  operation system
Buy and sell electricity on the spot marketBENEFITS FOR THE MANUFACTUREChoosing the location to build the factory
System is stabilityBENEFITS FOR SYSTEM OPERATIONSystem planning

  • Methods and applications in electricity production forecasting
Frame timeMethodApplication
of electricity production
Before 5-60minutesMonitor short-term power variation trends.Real-time control and regulation
1-4 hours beforeCombined numerical weather forecasting modelSchedule,manage system overload
Several daysNWP
( Numerical Weather Prediction )
Scheduling, requesting backup power,buying and selling electricity, managing system overload.
Weekly,seasonal,1 year or more in advanceMeteorological, climate forecast, NWPInvestment planning (source, grid),contingency analysis,
maintenance planning,operation management


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