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Static Var Generator System

  • Reactive power compensation improves transmission efficiency.
  • Enhance Power factor, avoid fines according to regulations of EVN.
  • Reduce power loss.
  • Eliminated the harmonics up to the 13th levels
  • Convenient, easy to install, and operate.
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SVG intelligent power compensation system applies the most popular and new technology today. TBEA is a big brand from China that has developed and supplied globally intelligent compensation solutions that solve problems and improve grid reliability.
Producer: TBEA
From China
Control by: IGBT/IGCT
Transformer / reactor
DC Capacitor
Applicable standard: IEC 61010-1
Features and advantages:
  • Fast response speed < 10ms
  • Stable, non-continuous cos compensation
  • Harmonic rejection up to 13th level
  • Rated output current unaffected by voltage
  • No resonance
  • Operation with high efficiency
  • Compact installation area, easy expansion
  • High safety and reliability


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