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Energy storage system

  • Control the rate of power increase of renewable energy
  • Power generation time-shifting
  • Combined with hydro/thermal power plant in frequency regulation, voltage regulation
  • Reduce overload, ensure power supply high reliability
  • Shaving the peak, increase the rate of self-consumption.
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1. Energy storage system.
  • Brands: ABB, LS, Sungrow,….
  • Scope: Combined with renewable energy systems, power generation systems..
2. The role of the energy storage system (BESS) in Power system operation
A solution combining wind power, solar power, and BESS
  • Control the speed of increasing capacity, pressure regulation, frequency control, shifting power generation time.
  • Increase the consumption of renewable energy, gather the power at low voltage, adjust the speed of power increase and decrease.
  • DC side coupling is more efficient in the charge-discharge cycle, suitable for factories with high DC/AC cabinets.
  • The combined solution of Hydroelectricity / Thermoelectricity and BESS for frequency control
  • Participating in the frequency control process to help reduce wear and increase generator life.
  • Suitable for grids with high requirements for frequency regulation and peak cutting, improving the self-consumption rate.
  • Control the time of power generation to the grid.

Energy storage system with the advantages of a long life of Lithium-ion battery, continuous charge and discharge cycle, longer storage time (4 hours to several days), designed life up to 30 years, copper The price tends to decrease very quickly due to technological improvement and large production for both electric vehicle and renewable energy storage applications, so it is expected that energy storage solutions will explode within a few years.


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