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Surge Arrester

  • Used for atmospheric overvoltage protection on the line, improve the insulation of the grid.
  • Handling internal overvoltage,  spikes during operation and manipulation on the power grid
  • Protect equipments in substation.
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Product information Surge Arrester Cooper

  • Producer: Cooper-Eaton
  • Origin: Mexico
  • Code: UHS(class 1), U3(class 3)
  • Polymer shell
  • Lightning protection rated voltage: 3-42 kV/3-240kV
  • Frequency: 50Hz
  • Rated discharge current: 10kA
  • Short-time high current withstand 4/10µs: 100kA
  • Standard IEC 60099-4 .

Gapless type for mounting from metal oxide rheostat discs (MOV- Metal Oxide Varistors)
The housing is resistant to inclement weather and pollution


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