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    • Anti-overcurrent, protect electrical equipment, especially motor.
    • Switching control in electrical cabinets.
    • Monitor motor speed, monitor power supply, voltage and various power supplies, monitor undervoltage or overvoltage changes, etc.
    • Control in the system connected to the device.
    • Application in direct grounding network.
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    Relay’s role  is very important  in power grid and industrial automation.

    Relay has the ability to control a current many times higher than the supply current, and is widely used in current applications with the following capabilities:

    • Overload protection for motors and electrical circuits.
    • Over current protection, differential protection, directional protection, distance protection….
    • Ability to monitor insulation resistance for IT grounding system, detect grounding interruption.
    • Set the delay time for Star-Triangle startup.
    • Phase monitoring, phase loss, overvoltage, undervoltage, high frequency, low frequency protection..


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