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Electric Meter

    • Measure power, voltage, current, cosφ, energy.
    • Installed on the board of high, medium and low voltage switchgear for monitoring and supervision.
    • Installed on the center console, power control (PCC), engine control panel (MCC)
    • Output relay, factory automation and monitoring system control (SCADA/DAS)
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    Electric Meter

    • Producer: Cewe Instrument AB
    • Origin: England
    • SKU: CEWE Elite 440
    • The large display shows instantaneous values.
    • High Accuracy: Class 0.2s, 0.5s, 1.0
    • Average THD measurement for voltage, current and power, up to 31 . harmonic
    • Measurement selection (star or triangle/3P4W or 3P3W)
    • Calibration LED for on-site accuracy checking
    • Wide current range and configurable 1-2A and 5-10A
    • Wide range auxiliary power supply, suitable for high voltage or low voltage installation
    • Support showing scroll lock and ‘Custom Page’
    • Extensibility through the addition of modules
    • Password protection for setup mode
    • Ethernet port module for easy RS485 network integration


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