Power forecasting system

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The producing capacity of renewable power plants will alter as weather conditions change. This causes power imbalances on the grid, as well as voltage and frequency changes, making it difficult for the operator to regulate and compute the power balance. So, what’s the solution to these problems? In this article, PC1 Group will introduce a specific power forecasting solution for renewable energy plant operations to customers.

What is a generating power forecasting system?

The generating power forecasting system is a system that uses weather data, installed capacity, and plant equipment characteristics to anticipate the plant’s future generating capacity and power output. This is a solution that aids in the accurate forecasting of electricity generation from renewable energy systems. Furthermore, the system gives vital data, allowing the investor to predict future power output as well as the best time to schedule system maintenance, production, and trade planning.

Power forecasting system

The power forecasting system’s role

The power forecasting system is critical for integrating renewable energy sources like solar and wind into the grid. This is particularly true when the proportion of these energy sources in the source structure is significant.

Investor case

The power forecasting system aids in the improvement of future power generation accuracy. This can assist investors in the electricity market in maximizing earnings.

Furthermore, equipping this system will assist investors in meeting system equipment requirements according to government rules and circulars and to avoid violations during project implementation.

When used in conjunction with the BESS energy storage system to sell electricity during peak hours, this system also aids in the optimization of production and business planning.

Furthermore, because capacity forecasts have an impact on prices and  transactions in the energy market, manufacturers who are new to the power supply market might use capacity forecasts to be proactive in pricing. and the most precise power output is possible.

For the organization operating the system

This system plays an essential role in the organization and functioning of the system, in addition to the rewards for investors.

Because accurate power forecasting limits the ability of the grid capacity to fluctuate, it reduces the frequency of frequency adjustments, contributes to the stabilization of the power system’s frequency, and aids management and operation units in calculating and coordinating system redundancy capacity.

The advantage of the power forecasting system provided by PC1 Group

ENFOR and PC1 collaborated to develop the power forecasting system proposed for wind power plants (WindFor) and solar power plants (SolarFor). PC1 is responsible  implementing, deploying, connecting software, evaluating, and calibrating the power forecasting system in accordance with government regulations/EVN in the Vietnam market, while ENFOR is in charge of providing data for forecasting results. Our goods have a number of distinct advantages, including the following:

  • Highly reliable forecasting data source, operating for more than 15 years.
  • Market-leading forecast accuracy.
  • Integrate meteorological forecast data from a variety of sources to improve accuracy.
  • Customization options to satisfy the needs of various forecast periods, forecast frequency, and resolutions.

Our solution is highly synchronized and compatible, thanks to our tight and effective collaboration with ENFOR and our continual upgrading of the current rules in Vietnam. Simultaneously, the forecasting system must be compatible with the actual SCADA system terminal equipment at the plant stations as well as meet system and network security requirements.

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PC1 Group –  A prestigious and professional power forecasting system provider

After over six decades of construction and development, the PC1 Group has become a leader in the field of renewable energy investment and development. The company has extensive experience in constructing capacity forecasting systems for large-scale renewable energy power plant projects, receiving the trust and high appreciation of customers and investors. PC1 Group owns expert construction human resources, ensuring advancement and technical standards, in addition to meeting the finest in terms of equipment and processes.

Therefore, businesses working with PC1 Group will receive the greatest treatment in terms of solutions, from design to equipment supply, installation, operation, and maintenance. Furthermore, PC1 Group is dedicated to providing customers and investors with renowned and high-quality products.

Please contact PC1 Group if you are seeking a power forecasting system service provider. We are willing to go with our customers and provide the best possible results for the project.


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