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Digital energy solutions
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Digital energy solutions PC1 Group provides are products for the energy market such as energy storage systems, reactive power compensation systems, power capacity forecasting systems, monitoring systems for undersea cables, and wind turbine vibration monitoring systems. PC1 Group, proud to be a next-generation energy unit, promises to bring you digital energy solutions to help customers reduce costs, save resources, and increase revenue.

Digital energy solution definition

A digital energy solution refers to the use of digital technologies such as advanced analytics, sensors, and artificial intelligence to optimize energy production, distribution, and consumption. These solutions aim to make energy systems more efficient, reliable, and sustainable while reducing costs and carbon emissions.

Digital energy solutions can take many forms, including:

  • Energy Management Systems (EMS) – software platforms that collect, analyze, and manage data from energy assets to optimize performance and reduce costs.
  • Smart Grids – an advanced electrical grid that uses sensors and automation to manage the distribution of electricity more efficiently, reduce outages, and integrate renewable energy sources.
  • Energy Storage – the use of batteries and other technologies to store excess energy generated from renewable sources for use during peak demand.
  • Energy Efficiency – the use of smart sensors and automation to optimize energy consumption in buildings, transportation, and industrial processes.
  • Demand Response – programs that incentivize customers to reduce their energy consumption during peak demand periods to avoid blackouts and reduce energy costs.

Overall, digital energy solutions offer a range of benefits, including increased energy efficiency, reduced carbon emissions, and lower energy costs, while also improving the resilience and reliability of energy systems.

Increasing capacity through digital energy solutions

PC1 Group offers customized solutions based on the AI platform, such as energy storage systems, reactive power compensation systems, power forecasting systems, and undersea cable monitoring systems. To provide value to our customers, we combine hardware, software, and data processing. Because of the low initial investment and flexibility of these solutions, you will achieve maximum value at the lowest possible cost.

The digital energy solutions PC1 Group offers

System for storing energy

digital energy solutions
System for storing energy

PC1 Group’s energy storage system is used to control the rate of energy capacity increase and shift generation time. It has the ability to regulate frequency, pressurize, and reduce line overload when combined with hydro/thermal power. As a result, power supply reliability is improved. Furthermore, this system has a peak cutting function that increases the rate of self-consumption.

The system is manufactured by major brands such as ABB, LS, and Sungrow… and can be combined with energy and power generation systems. The system’s advantages include a long-life Lithium-ion battery (up to 30 years), a continuous charging and discharging cycle, and a long storage time (from 4 hours to several days)… At the same time, the cost of electric vehicles and energy storage tends to fall rapidly due to technological advancement and large-scale production. As a result, this digital energy solution is expected to explode in the coming years.

System of reactive power compensation

System of reactive power compensation

This digital energy solution is controlled by IGBT/IGCT technology in accordance with IEC 61010-1. As the name implies, this system is in charge of other reactive power compensation, which reduces power loss and thus improves transmission efficiency. Furthermore, it helps to improve the capacity factor, allowing businesses to avoid fines under EVN regulations. This system has the following features and benefits:

  • Rapid response time (10ms)
  • Cos compensation that is both unstable and continuous order harmonic rejection up to 13
  • Voltage has no effect on the rated output current.
  • There is no resonance.
  • Can run at a high efficiency
  • It does not require a lot of installation space and can be easily expanded.
  • The operation that is secure and stable

System for forecasting power capacity

digital energy solutions
System for forecasting power capacity

Exact output forecasting is critical for optimal power system operation, benefiting both generators and system operators. As a result, PC1 Group has introduced the current capacity forecasting system energy solution to assist customers in maintaining stable power plant operations and avoiding penalties under EVN regulations.

This system is appropriate for customers who have electricity generation and commercial plans, power grid operation management units, and capacity lines. It complies with EVN’s operating equipment regulations and is used in the implementation of the new plant construction plan.

System for monitoring submarine cables

System for monitoring submarine cables

This is a digital energy solution for monitoring underground cables in order to improve operations, management, and maintenance planning. Its primary responsibilities include:

  • Online monitoring of PD partial discharge
  • Monitoring earthquake and construction vibrations…
  • Temperature monitoring of underground cables

Prestigious and professional digital energy solution provider PC1 Group

PC1 Group has become a pioneer in the field of providing digital energy solutions and energy investment after nearly 60 years of construction and development and a high level of expertise. Customers and investors have trusted and appreciated the company’s consulting solutions for a number of large-scale projects. In addition to having the best equipment and techniques, PC1 has a team of experts and skilled construction consultants to ensure that the project is completed on time and according to technical standards.

As a result of becoming a PC1 partner, businesses will receive the best treatment of solutions from design to equipment supply, installation, operation, and maintenance. Furthermore, PC1 is always committed to bringing prestigious and high-quality products, as well as ensuring the progress of projects for customers and investors.

Customers and businesses who are having difficulty selecting a reputable digital energy solution provider should contact PC1 Group right away. We are prepared to accompany our customers until the project is completed in order to maximize project efficiency.


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