Phuoc Thai 1 Solar Power Plant Project – 50MW

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Phuoc Thai 1 solar power plant has invested and built in Ninh Phuoc, Ninh Thuan by Vietnam Electricity.

An Overview of the Phuoc Thai 1 solar power plant project

The building of the Phuoc Thai 1 solar power plant began in September 2019. As the Investor’s Representative, the Power Project Management Board 3 of Vietnam Electricity Group is administering the project. The factory was finished and opened in June 2020. The project has a 50 MWp total installed capacity.

PC1 is responsible for legal services, technical design, procurement, construction, development, production, installation, testing, operation, and COD for the power plant as part of this project.

The project scale

The facility was constructed on a 65-hectare plot of land with a total investment of 1,113 billion VND. The plant, according to the investor, was equipped with polycrystalline photovoltaic panels and a central inverter. At the same time, the project also implemented the construction of a 220kV Phuoc Thai substation with 2 x 125MVA capacity. Initially, the plant came with a 125 MVA transformer and synchronous equipment systems pre-installed. A 220kV 2-circuit line with a length of 2.3km is also being designed, which will connect it forward with the circuit of a 220kV double-circuit transmission line between Vinh Tan and Thap Cham. Auxiliary and synchronous work items, as well as remote control and monitoring systems, monitoring stations, and… are all designed and built as part of the project.

Test and evaluation the project of Phuoc Thai 1 Solar Power Plant

According to Mr. Nguyen Tai Anh, Deputy General Director of Electricity of Vietnam and Chairman of the Acceptance Council at the Investor level, the scope of design and construction volume is to match the approved plan. In terms of construction quality, the equipment and materials are constructed and installed in accordance with the design drawings, technical instructions, and contractor instructions.

The results also show that the concrete compressive strength and the pile static pulling test both meet the design criteria. All materials and equipment have been thoroughly tested and calibrated in accordance with the technical specifications.

As a result, the plant can generate approximately 80.975 million kWH of electricity per year. The initiative intends to achieve the common goal of exploiting and developing solar energy to generate power in this way. Therefore, they contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and environmental pollution, as well as the promotion of Ninh Thuan province’s socio-economic growth.

Why should you choose EPC PC1 as the general contractor of a solar power plant?

PC1 Group has become a pioneer in the fields of solar power plant general contractor and energy investment after nearly 6 decades of construction and development with high expertise. Customers and investors have given the company their trust and appreciation for its extensive experience in supporting large-scale solar power plant projects. Aside from optimally satisfying equipment and techniques, PC1 also has a team of highly qualified experts and construction consultants who ensure construction progress and technical standards.

As a result, by becoming a PC1 partner, customers will receive the best incentives for solutions ranging from design to equipment supply, installation, operation, and maintenance. Furthermore, PC1 is always committed to bringing prestigious and high-quality works, as well as ensuring the progress of the works for customers and investors.

If you are looking for a professional EPC solar power contractor, please contact PC1 Group using the information provided below. We are prepared to accompany your company until the project is completed in order to achieve the best possible results.


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