Battery Energy Storage System BESS – the future electricity storage technology

BESS energy storage system
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Energy storage technology is rapidly evolving, becoming an unavoidable global trend; it enables the creation of a cleaner power system, reducing CO2 emissions; and it addresses the challenge of climate change. The Battery Energy Storage System BESS is the current top priority energy storage technology. So, what exactly is BESS? What are the benefits of BESS? How is it used in real life? Let’s find out in the below article.

What is BESS?

battery energy storage system


BESS stands for battery energy storage system.

  • In terms of scale: Instead of just storing less than 100kWh like UPS storage systems provide for loads in a short time, BESS has a much larger capacity (maybe up to several hundred MW) capable of mobilizing Large capacity, maintained for a long time.
  • BESS’s storage batteries usually use Vanadium or Lithium-ion battery technology, which are the most popular energy storage technologies today.
  • Optimal in terms of design: BESS is arranged in a modular form (arranged in containers/boxes) that can be transported easily and flexibly, ensuring local capacity needs, as well as transporting to other locations where energy is needed.

The BESS system’s function

battery energy storage system


The rapid development of solar and wind power causes overload for the national power grid at times, particularly when the solar radiation is strong/the wind is strong, and the demand for use is high. Electricity prices rise again in the evening, affecting the transmission system’s quality. Currently, the BESS electricity storage solution is being used to allocate power, optimize solar power output, and relieve pressure on the national grid power transmission system. Furthermore, BESS stores electricity from a variety of generating sources for use during peak times, power outages, unstable electricity, or in places where there is no grid electricity, such as remote areas and islands.

BESS’s forms of electricity storage

battery energy storage system


  • If combined with the RE system: The BESS system will store excess electricity for use in the evening when there is no sunshine (for solar power); the weather is calm (for wind power)… to limit the use of electricity from the grid. In addition, this is also a solution to manage power sources, not sending power to the grid when the grid is overloaded at the request of EVN.
  • Combined with grid electricity: The BESS system will store grid electricity at low electricity prices for use at the highest electricity prices of the day. The amount of electricity used will be equivalent to the amount of electricity stored.

Advantages of BESS, the battery energy storage system

When compared to other traditional power storage systems, using a battery energy storage system BESS provides the following advantages:

  • BESS improves power control

The power stored by the BESS system will be used at night or in the event of a power outage or power flicker to assist equipment in operating continuously, particularly those under priority load.

  • Uninterruptible power supply with a higher capacity and a longer lifespan

Common BESS systems typically have a capacity of 50kW – 1MW and are capable of supplying electricity for a relatively long period of time ranging from 2 to 5 hours, which is sufficient to meet the electricity consumption needs of businesses.

  • Suitable for use in areas where there is no access to the power grid, such as island districts and remote areas.

The combination of solar/wind power and BESS will allow areas without grid power, or where grid electricity is difficult to install, to use electricity.

  • Intelligent charging and discharging mode

The BESS storage system has a battery charging and discharging mode that can be set to charge and discharge the battery over time or based on the load.

  • Environmentally friendly and low-cost

Because the industry’s backup system is primarily composed of diesel generators, the use of diesel will result in CO2 emissions, air pollution, noise, and an impact on the living environment. Furthermore, the high price of diesel oil will be costly.

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Some BESS applications at PC1 Group

battery energy storage system


BESS charges during off-peak hours and provides power during peak hours in industrial sites, commercial buildings, and residential homes. As a result, electricity consumption costs are reduced, and excess electricity from rooftop solar power systems (if any) is stored, reducing waste and generating electricity capacity on the grid when it is overloaded.

The grid-connected BESS system helps to stabilize the power grid by shifting load and relieving pressure on the transmission and distribution systems; adjustment helps to stabilize frequency and voltage and reduces the rush to upgrade the local grid system.

BESS aids in the stabilization of power quality and generating capacity at renewable energy plants.

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PC1 Group, a well-known provider of battery energy storage system BESS

PC1 Group has become a pioneer in providing digital transformation solutions for the renewable energy industry after nearly 6 decades of construction and development with high expertise. Customers and investors have given the company their trust and appreciation for its extensive experience in supporting large-scale renewable energy plant projects. Aside from optimally satisfying equipment and techniques, PC1 also has a team of highly qualified experts and construction consultants who ensure construction progress and technical standards.

As a result, when working with PC1, customers will receive the best incentives for service packages ranging from design to equipment supply, installation, operation, and maintenance. Furthermore, PC1 is always dedicated to providing the most efficient services, ensuring the progress of the work for customers and investors.

Customers and businesses who are having trouble deciding on a supplier of BESS energy storage systems should contact PC1 Group right away. We are prepared to accompany our customers throughout the construction process in order to maximize project efficiency.


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