Tan Phu Dong Wind Power Plant Project

Tan Phu Dong Wind Power Plant
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Investors started building in Tan Phu Dong district, Tien Giang province, after the Tan Phu Dong Wind Power Plant Project had received the Investment Decision and Certificate.

An Overview of the Tan Phu Dong Wind Power Plant Project

The Tan Phu Dong Wind Power Plant Project was constructed in March 2021 by Tien Giang Wind Power Joint Stock Company. The construction was officially completed in October 2021 after only 7 months. The project has a total capacity of 150 MW installed. It has been split into two wind power stations, Tan Phu Dong 1 and 2, each with a capacity of 100 MW and 50 MW, respectively. The plant was built in Phu Tan commune, Tan Phu Dong district, while Tan Phu Dong 2 wind power plant is deployed in Tan Thanh commune, Tan Phu Dong district.

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The project’s scale

The overall investment capital for the Tan Phu Dong Plant Project is around VND 6,700 billion. The entire project is covered on 32.25 hectares. The following is a breakdown of how each factory is assigned:

Tan Phu Dong 1 wind power plant

  • Total investment capital is VND 4,464.54 billion, including VND 1,339.36 billion of investment capital and VND 3,125.28 billion of bank loans.
  • The project has a scale of 171 hectares, including 14.5 hectares of seaside land (Phu Tan commune); 4.5 hectares of foundation area for 110kV transmission line poles (Go Cong Dong, Go Cong Tay, and Go Cong township districts); and 3 hectares of land for an operation and management house and a 35/110kV transformer station (Ba Canh hamlet, Tan Thanh commune).

Tan Phu Dong 2 wind power plant

  • Total investment capital is VND 2,241.9 billion, including 672.57 billion VND from investment capital and 1,569.33 billion VND from bank loans.
  • It is situated on an area of 10.25 hectares, including 1.25 hectares of sea-based wind tower foundation and 9 hectares of undersea bridges and cables

As a result, both plants produce a significant amount of electricity each year. The Tan Phu Dong 1 plant generates around 307 million kWh per year. The Tan Phu Dong 2 plant generates roughly 153.4 million kWh per year. Therefore, the project can ensure that the people have a consistent supply of electricity. At the same time, the project contributes to a reduction in CO2 emissions of around 140,000 tons per year.

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