Supply of electrical equipment and material provided by pro-reputable PC1

supply of electrical equipment and material
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Nowadays, the demand for electrical equipment and materials is constantly increasing because it is a very important part of industrial electricity. Electricity is involved in all the production and product supply processes of many factories, business agencies, production facilities, and companies. Therefore, the most vital thing now is to find a supply of electrical equipment and material and serve the needs of each business. In this article, PC1 will inform you of some of our electrical supplies and equipment.

What is industrial electrical material and equipment?

supply of electrical equipment and material
What is industrial electrical material and equipment?

Electrical material and equipment are indispensable things in the electrical industry. If we want the system of electrical cabinets, machinery, and necessary accessories to work properly, we can not ignore this. This equipment and supplies support the leading equipment to operate stably and ensure high working efficiency, and proper performance of their functions.

There are a variety scales of manufacturing industrial parks that have been built in Vietnam. Along with that, the development of ancillary industries, especially in the electrical equipment area, always plays an important role in factories and enterprises. The demand for providing electrical equipment and materials is also present in construction and daily activities. They ensure uninterrupted daily activities while improving work productivity.

What is industrial electrical equipment?

Industrial electrical equipment is the equipment that is commonly used in industry. It performs the main tasks of switching, controlling, adjusting, protecting, converting, controlling, and inspecting all activities of the grid system and electric machines.

In addition, using industrial electrical equipment is a common practice in many production fields. It is from power plants, substations, and power transmission systems to generators and electric motors, especially in factories.

Currently, Vietnam imports this equipment from many countries, many different industrial equipment manufacturers, and all generations. Therefore, it leads to inconsistent specifications, making it difficult to operate, maintain, and repair industrial electrical equipment. But because there are so many types of industrial electrical equipment with different technical standards, sometimes it does not promote full features and capacity or is used improperly. This is why it also causes many failures, damaging the economy.

Advantages of industrial electrical equipment

Industrial electrical equipment brings many benefits to production activities, specifically:

Improving the technical usage and the productivity of industrial equipment to help people perform processes in a continuous manner.

  • Contributing to labor-saving
  • Reducing production costs and product costs while also improving quality.
  • Time-saving, has a good influence on the human perspective on machines.
  • Professionalize the production line
  • Performing tasks that cannot be done manually such as vacuuming, air conditioning, reducing humidity, etc.

The capabilities of industrial electrical equipment

supply of electrical equipment and material
The production lines in almost all factories, from breweries, food packaging factories, electronic components factories, etc.

Some of the industrial electrical equipment uses that we can follow are:

  • The production lines in almost all factories, from breweries, food packaging factories, electronic components factories, etc.
  • Supporting other equipment to work by functions such as air conditioning, ventilation, vacuuming, and balancing components in the air.
  • Surveillance cameras, fire protection systems, water and electricity systems, pumps, textile machines, machines. And it depends on the characteristics of such industrial equipment.
  • In addition, industrial electrical equipment is also widely used in agriculture, forestry, and fishery processing.

PC1 – professional and legitimate supplier of electrical equipment and material

These days, there are more and more units and companies providing industrial electrical equipment. One of them is Electrical Construction Joint Stock Company I PC1 – a reputable industrial electrical equipment and material supplier. Moreover, PC1 is also the largest unit in Vietnam in terms of designing and manufacturing galvanized steel structures, equipped with modern technology and with a total capacity of over 50,000 tons of products/year. Currently, PC1 has 2 member units, namely DONG ANH STEEL TOWER CO., LTD and Yen Thuong Steel Structure Factory.

Some industrial electrical equipment provided by PC1

There are some types of equipment that PC1 offers you:

Primary Equipment

Station Equipment

  • RMU cabinets
  • Lightning conductor
  • PK underground cable
  • Switchgear, GIS
  • Station Cutter
  • Transformers
  • VT
  • CT

Line Equipment

  • Recloser
  • LBS
  • Lightning conductor
  • Underground cables
  • Incident warning

Other Equipment

  • Relay
  • Clock
  • Electricity Meters
  • Control cabinet, protection

Final thoughts on PC1 supply of electrical equipment and material

There is some information related to the supply service of materials and electrical equipment by PC1. Hopefully, through this article, you have had a more complete and detailed view. PC1 always wants to bring customers the best experience. We are committed to the credibility and quality of the products we provide to you.

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