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With the motto “quality – progress – cost – industrial aesthetics”, PC1 Group Joint Stock Company, a contractor specializing in the installation and construction of full-service industrial electrical systems nationwide, always ensures the highest quality projects at the most competitive prices, with the quickest construction progress without sacrificing industrial aesthetics.

The importance of industrial electrical contractors

Electrical contractors are required for all structures to ensure proper operation, from the smallest outbuildings to the largest factories covering a hundred acres. In the same way that you wouldn’t ask a crossing guard to manage the city’s traffic light system, you also wouldn’t ask a residential electrical contractor to try to plan and design a high-powered facility.

These knowledgeable contractors are involved in the facility’s planning and design, starting the process at the very beginning to evaluate the needs of the proposed building and create a strategy that will meet those needs.

The industrial electrical contractor will then oversee the project’s execution as construction advances, ensuring that everything is compliant with regulations and making necessary adjustments as unforeseen circumstances arise. The contractor conducts quality checks after the project is finished to make sure everything is operating as it should, that everything complies with the relevant building codes, and that all safety metrics are tracked, monitored, and-if necessary-addressed.

What do industrial electrical contractors do?

Electrical equipment and systems are installed, maintained, and serviced by electrical engineers. A scale distinction separates a regular electrical contractor from an industrial electrical contractor. Industrial electrical contractors work on significant projects, including massive data centers, factories, mines, and power grids.

To ensure that the building, plant, or piece of equipment is operating to its full potential, the industrial electrical contractor collaborates with the facility manager and other interested parties. The industrial electrical contractor sees to it that everything is functioning effectively, without hiccups, and with constant attention to safety. The industrial electrical contractor is also responsible for ensuring that the site is environmentally friendly.

Types of industrial electrical contractors

Because being an industrial electrical contractor is such a big job, neither one person nor one woman can carry the entire load. Naturally, there will be someone in charge of the project as a whole, but the industrial electrical contractor can benefit from subspecialties. Which are:

  • Line Electrical Contractors: These professionals deal with the distribution and transmission lines that enter and exit the facility, both at high and low voltages. These contractors collaborate with substations to make sure that the facility receives the right amount of power in sufficient and secure amounts.
  • Inside Electrical Contractors: An industrial electrical contractor who is working on-site, whether “inside” or “outside” the actual building, is referred to as a “inside” electrical contractor. They could be involved in the design, installation, maintenance, repair, or even rewiring. Their work may be concentrated on substantial machinery or on relatively simple things like outdoor lighting.
  • Voice/Data/Video Electrical Contractors: This category of industrial electrical contractors specializes in inside-the-building projects such as fiber optics, phone systems, wireless networks, security systems, and more.

Professional industrial electrical contractor service provided by PC1 Group

PC1 Group is a joint-stock company that specializes in electrical construction and installation, founded in 1963 by a group of highly qualified engineers and technicians. As a result, PC1 Group is now one of the most reputable companies providing industrial electrical contractor services in the country, having completed numerous large and small projects across the country.

PC1 Group’s electrical system construction services include:

  • Electrical system design and installation for factories and plants
  • Electrical system construction and installation in offices
  • Electrical system construction and installation for residential areas, buildings, and commercial centers
  • Electrical system design and installation for hospitals and schools
  • Civil electrical system construction and installation, water and electricity system design
  • Lighting system construction and installation

PC1 Group’s industrial electrical system project includes the following construction items:

  • Installation of cable tray systems, as well as substations.
  • Electrical control cabinets are built and installed.
  • Pulling electrical wires from the central electrical cabinet to the intermediate capacitors is a construction project.
  • Construction of a factory that pulls electrical wires from capacitors to electrical equipment.

The construction process of the industrial electrical system package at PC1 Group

PC1 Group Joint Stock Company was founded in 1963 and has nearly 60 years of development experience in the field of industrial electrical systems construction and installation. The following is the procedure for constructing the entire electrical system at PC1 Group:

  • Step 1: Receive information and requests from customers
  • Step 2: Examine and discuss industrial electrical system construction and installation plans.
  • Step 3: Layout and install the structure.
  • Step 4: Complete the construction and installation in accordance with the blueprints.
  • Step 5: Inspect and supervise activities related to post-construction and installation.
  • Step 6: Acceptance and warranty are the final steps.

The work of an engineer to construct industrial electrical systems at PC1 Group

  • Build automation systems by electrical signals and control electrical specifications to machines automatically.
  • Design and ensure stable power transmission throughout the system.
  • Analyze the operation of power generation and transmission systems, especially electricity distribution and consumption, lighting systems, lightning protection, security, etc.
  • Calculate, design, repair, maximize productivity and ensure the optimization of equipment in the system and save energy.
  • Repair, operate, and inspect electrical equipment, single-phase machines, three-phase machines, DC machines, and transformers.

What are the advantages of working with PC1 Group, an industrial electrical contractor?

  • Professional construction process

PC1 Group Joint Stock Company specializes in solution consulting services, industrial electrical system construction, and installation using professional processes that ensure quality, efficiency, safety, progress, and techniques.

  • A group of highly skilled and experienced engineers and construction workers

Having a good team of electromechanical engineers and skilled technical workers with many years of experience in executing a series of projects. Furthermore, the PC1 Group construction team is very enthusiastic and dedicated to their work in order to ensure customer trust and satisfaction.

  • Modern construction machinery

PC1 Group is outfitted with a wide range of modern construction equipment, allowing it to meet all of the requirements of actual construction supervision. As a result, the construction will be completed in accordance with the design, cost estimate, and schedule estimate agreed upon with the customer.

  • Long-term maintenance and warranty

All electrical system construction and installation projects for which PC1 Group is the direct contractor will be warranted and maintained by the company for a long time and in a flexible manner. If a problem arises that requires immediate attention, we will dispatch a team of technicians to handle it so that the customer’s production performance is not jeopardized.

Customers and businesses who are having difficulty selecting a reputable industrial electrical system construction unit should contact PC1 Group right away. We are prepared to accompany our customers until the project is completed in order to maximize efficiency.


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