Hung Hai Wind Power Plant Project – EPC general contractor

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The Hung Hai Wind Power Plant is part of Gia Lai province’s wind energy development strategy. Wind power plants are built in Chu Krey commune, An Trung, Yang Trung, and Kong Chro districts.

An Overview of the Hung Hai Wind Power Plant Project

The Hung Hai Wind Power Plant Project began construction in January 2021. The factory is expected to be finished in October 2021. The factory underwent inspection, acceptance, and operation from November 2021 to May 2022.

The project has a total capacity of 100 MW installed. The project’s investors are Hung Hai Wind Power Joint Stock Company and BBG Group.

PC1 is an EPC general contractor that handles legal services, technical design, procurement, construction, development, production, installation, testing of lines and substations, and COD for power plants.

The project’s scale and design

The Hung Hai plant project covers a total of 47 hectares. The total investment capital in factories is about 3,706 billion VND. Investors have put in 800 billion dong, while 2,906 billion dong have been loaned. The project must be operational within 50 years of the approval of the investment decision.

A turbine, a 220kV substation, and several ancillary works are the major components of the project. The substation is split into two segments, one inside and the other outside. It is operated, touch-oriented, and unmanned in particular. They work according to a two-busbar system. The ring busbar has one compartment for the transmission line to the 220kV Phuoc An substation; one compartment for the transmission line to the Yang Trung Wind Power Plant’s 220kV substation; one contact compartment; one ring breaker compartment, and one 22/22/220kV 125MVA transformer compartment. For the 22kV line, there is a single busbar system; including 2 total storage compartments, 2 metering compartments, a self-use compartment, and 8 22kV feeder compartments to wind turbines.

According to the proposal, the Hung Hai Wind Power Plant Project is expected to give the country 365 GWh per year. Simultaneously, they give tens of billions of dong to Gia Lai province’s budget. As a result, the Hung Hai Wind Power Plant Project has provided several benefits and has played a significant role in the socio-economic development of Gia Lai province and the Central Highlands in general.

The leading general contractor for renewable energy plants, EPC PC1

PC1 Group has become a pioneer in the fields of wind power plant general contractor and energy investment after nearly 6 decades of construction and development with high expertise. Customers and investors have given the company their trust and appreciation for its extensive experience in supporting large-scale renewable energy plant projects. Aside from optimally satisfying equipment and techniques, PC1 also has a team of highly qualified experts and construction consultants who ensure construction progress and technical standards.

As a result, by becoming a PC1 partner, customers will receive the best incentives for solutions ranging from design to equipment supply, installation, operation, and maintenance. Furthermore, PC1 committed to bringing prestigious and high-quality works, as well as ensuring the progress of the works for customers and investors.

If your company requires advice on our EPC package and services, please contact EPC PC1 right away to get the best treatment. We are prepared to accompany your company throughout the construction process in order to ensure the project’s success.


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