Professional wind power contractor in Vietnam named EPC PC1

Professional wind power contractor
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PC1 Group Joint Stock Company is known as the leading professional wind power project contractor in Vietnam for nearly 60 years of experience and has made its mark with a series of high-quality and aesthetically pleasing wind power projects. In the following article, we’ll look at why EPC PC1 has become a prestigious wind power project contractor, as well as typically related projects of EPC PC1.

Vietnam’s most professional wind power project contractor, EPC PC1

EPC PC1 began its operations in the early 1960s, focusing on the construction of power lines and substations with the goal of becoming one of the industry’s leading companies. Over the course of nearly 60 years of development, EPC PC1 has evolved into a multi-industry firm, including a general contractor for wind power projects. Among many reputable wind power project contractors in Vietnam, EPC PC1 is chosen by a large number of customers because of a combination of the three factors listed below:

  • Stable capability: EPC PC1 promotes the development of the renewable energy ecosystem and has a team of professional experts and consultants, many of whom have international certifications such as PMP and GWO.
  • Brand reputation: EPC PC1 contractor always keeps its commitments, ensuring quality, safety, and aesthetics for each wind power project implemented.
  • Dedicated attitude: EPC PC1 is always dedicated to providing thoughtful service and consulting, resulting in the most beneficial solution for customers.

Reputational certifications of wind power project contractor – EPC PC1

To be permitted to carry out a wind power project, the contractor must first obtain certification from the Basic Safety Training course. This training course includes the following modules:

  • Module First Aid (FA)
  • Module Working at heights (WAH)
  • Module Fire Awareness (FAW)
  • Module Manual Handling (MH)
  • Module Survival Sea (SS)

Units must obtain the certificates for the first four modules in order to become a nearshore wind power project contractor, and all five certificates in order to become an offshore wind power contractor. As a reputable contractor in the field of wind power, EPC PC1 has obtained certificates for all 5 modules and has become a contractor with sufficient talent and capacity to construct wind power projects both nearshore and offshore. Furthermore, EPC PC1 successfully deployed a system of equipment to pull submarine cables in June 2021. This is also a significant advantage that allows EPC PC1 to build offshore wind power projects faster than competitors in the same industry.

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Typical projects completed by wind energy contractor EPC PC1

EPC General Contractor Project IA BANG Wind Power Plant 1 – 50 MW

Ia Bang 1 Onshore Wind Power Plant (IAB1), which was invested in by Ia Bang Wind Power Joint Stock Company, has a total area of 477 ha. The project has a total registered investment capital of 1,955 billion VND and consists of 12 wind turbines with a capacity of 4.2 MW per turbine. To ensure the most optimal power output for the entire project, the wind turbines are designed in accordance with the topography of the area. With an average wind speed of 6.7m/s, the IA BANG 1 Wind Power Plant is expected to annually contribute 163 million kWh of electricity output to the national grid, serving nearly 25,000 households, generating a revenue of 319 billion VND, and reducing 141,411 tons of CO2 emissions.

The project was completed in less than a year, beginning in October 2019 and ending on October 31, 2021. EPC General Contractor is PC1 Group Joint Stock Company, a leading electrical construction contractor and investor in a number of domestic wind and hydropower projects.

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EPC general contractor project of Tan Phu Dong wind power plant 2 – 50 MW

Tan Phu Dong 2 Wind Power Plant Project includes the construction of wind turbine towers in Tan Thanh commune, Go Cong Dong district, with a total investment capital of VND 2,241.9 billion. The plant has a designed capacity of 50MW and is expected to produce approximately 153.8 million kWh of electricity per year. The project began in March 2021 and was completed and put into operation in October 2021, with a 50-year operation period.

In this project, PC1 serves as the EPC general contractor for categories such as legal services, technical design, underground cable system design, supply design and construction, installation and operation of 110kV and 33kV substations and transmission lines, procurement, construction, development, production, installation, testing, commissioning, and COD.

Furthermore, the Tan Phu Dong 2 wind power plant project is part of a PC1 Group chain of 9 factories that were commercially operational by October 31, 2021. For more information, October 31, 2021, is the deadline for wind power plant projects to benefit from the FIT price mechanism (preferential electricity purchase price fixed for 20 years) after successful commissioning. Thanks to the support and help of Ministries and agencies as well as the efforts of experienced and powerful experts PC1 team, Tan Phu Dong 2 Project has successfully reached the finish line on time.

110kV – 63MVA Substation Project Dam Nai Wind Power Plant 2

Dam Nai Wind Power is Ninh Thuan province’s first commercial wind power project. Its total design capacity is approximately 40MW, with 15 turbine pillars and a propeller diameter of 114m (currently the largest one in Vietnam).

To connect with the national power system, Dam Nai 110kV substation was urgently invested and built to promptly serve the above requirements. Dam Nai 110kV substation is designed with one 115/23/6.3kV transformer with a capacity of 63MVA, three 110kV circuit breakers, and a series of 22kV medium voltage cabinets with nine compartments… PC1 Group Joint Stock Company is the general contractor for the Dam Nai Wind Power Plant project’s Package E03 Supply and Construction of 110kV Substation 63MVA.

After an urgent period of experimental construction, in close coordination with EPC PC1 general contractor, the 110kV Dam Nai substation was successfully energized by 17:30 on September 8, 2018.

Choosing a professional wind power contractor

There are currently a plethora of contractors available to build wind power projects, making it difficult for businesses to select a reputable construction contractor. Customers can, however, put your trust in us – PC1 Group Joint Stock Company, one of the most reputable wind power construction companies. Our team consists of experienced professionals with many years of working in the field, providing customers with aesthetically pleasing and high-quality works. Furthermore, with a strategic vision that is properly invested in multiple industries, PC1 not only invests in the field of wind power project construction, but also in fields such as supplying electricity industry equipment and materials, offering renewable energy solutions, and investing in real estate.


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